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Published: 18th February 2011
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No? Go get your Gary Halbert Swipe File ready right now. You just can't pass by the ultimate secret to copywriting mastery. Remember, there is ONLY one rule for success in any field. If you want to be the champion, follow the champion. You just have to copy the copywriting greats to be great yourself. And that's why you need a swipe copywriting file. Now what is a copywriting swipe file by the way? It is simply a file or box where you collect winning copywriting examples: headlines that catch your attention, e-mail promos that stand out from the rest, intro paragraphs that pull, catchy phrases or slogans and even graphics, photos or complete website designs that enhance the content (copy). Your copywriting swipe collection is what provides you the fundamental support to create that mind-boggling, exceptional web sales copy. In fact, this should be the first priority in your process of copywriting mastery. I have been creating one myself for a long time now. The categories that I included in there are as follows:

1) Headlines

2) Introduction

3) Body copy

4) Email copy

5) Guarantees, incentives and closes

6) Visual material

The most three important advice about preparing your swipe file collection I can give you is:

a. Always make it physical - It should be accessible whenever you need it. And even in this digital age, physical access really matters at times. If you like a email copy, just print it out and store it in your plastic file. Just when you are trying to put a few words on paper and you don't have internet access at the moment, your physical file can help you out.

b. Make it varied - By varied, I mean your swipe file should be composed of copies from different successful copywriters. Why only prepare a Gary Halbert swipe file? There are many others such as Ted Nicholas, John Caples, John Carlton, Daniel Garfinkel, Brian Keith Voiles, Craig Perrine and many more.

c. Be disciplined and regular - Be regular at adding to your collection. At least, add one material to your vault every day. That would lead to a HUGE COLLECTION over the time. It sure takes some time and effort, but the benefit of having a swipe vault as a copywriter can be just TOO GOOD! Even after so long a time, I am still toiling at updating my swipe files regularly.

One guy sure has got an AWESOME SWIPE FILE COLLECTION - Jason Hart! He has got examples, templates and scripts from most of the top-notch copywriting masters in the world. And he is now sharing access to other budding copywriters as well. Check it below!

Anyway, so where were we? Yeah! Man, if you want to become a copywriting master, you need a swipe vault right now. Why not start with Gary Halbert first?

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